Radiant Heart


My family is very traditional with many restricting expectations. I felt guilty living my life for me. And, I was unwilling to bring my partners home. When my relationship ended, I felt blindsided – Confused, angry, and lonely. My mind raced without clarity. My attitude has changed so much after working with Glenda. I’m confident and honest from my heart. I know what I want. I’m accountable to me now, instead of others. My relationships are more loving, peaceful and less reactive. I am truly being who I AM!

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Inner Truth


My mother died when I was young. To cope, I shut down my grief and became the ‘strong one’. I was the ‘fixer’ of everything. I had to be perfect and in control. It terrified me to make mistakes or confront issues. I was defensive, protective, and easily triggered. To fill up the emptiness inside me, I bought ‘things’ on credit. I’m so grateful Glenda believed in my strength and inner guidance. I now love myself fully. I set clear boundaries with confidence. I no longer have credit-card debt! I set intentions and work them through to success. I see my Path clearly. Now, I support others to be engaged and empowered. My life has evolved to be truly ‘magnificent’!

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Infinite Possibility


I have been journeying together with Glenda for years. I currently orchestrate major life challenges: Aging and dying parents; Husband with a debilitating illness; Financial hurdles; Marketing my own invention – to name a few. Yet, my stamina, strength, courage and optimism are simply amazing in action: I’m all alone to row the boat, and there’s loneliness. There’s lots of responsibility and feelings of overwhelm. And, I choose to “accept what is”. I listen to my Guides, go on from NOW, see with different eyes, determined to stay detached. I put my Heart ahead of everything! I stay Connected. I keep Loving me. I Relax. The more I relax, the more Grace can come through me. I Trust the process of Life; I touch Beautiful Stillness every day!

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