I help people of all ages who come to me with various emotional and physical health circumstances. I create a gentle, nourishing and safe space that supports desired change. I listen with deep love and intuitive Guidance. If you are open and willing to use health challenges and relationship failures as stepping stones, empowerment to succeed is yours.

I have developed a unique integrative system of self-healing to help people improve their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

A Typical Session

During your sessions with me, you will be provided a personalized, creative wellness plan that is as unique as you are. The focus will be on solutions for the well being of your whole person – not just your physical symptoms, issues or disease. You will gain practical and empowering ways to resolve life’s challenges. You will also receive step-by-step strategies and self-help tools to maximize your successes. In each session I will guide you to live your life from “heart inspired action” rather than from your primal instincts.

My sessions typically last 90 minutes. You can visit me in person at my office in Calgary, Alberta or have a session via Skype Video, Facetime or Zoom.


What to expect during sessions

I use sound therapy in my sessions to accelerate shifts in consciousness. The high frequency tones of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls support the release of dense energies trapped within the body. Density keeps us stuck in shadow patterns, and tends to result in illness and disease.

The soothing tones of Crystal Bowls promote deep relaxation and healing. Feelings of inner peace, mental clarity and increased physical restoration most commonly result.

You will also experience:

  • A safe and nurturing space with private and confidential support
  • Gentle guidance for clarifying the issues that are important to you
  • Insightful and intuitive coaching to address your specific needs
  • Full breathing, body sensing and conscious intention to support desired outcomes
  • Feel and release trauma, stuck emotions, limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Create new neural pathways in the brain to support positive change
  • Practical solutions to help you respond to life with action, instead of reaction
  • Discover who you really are, apart from cultural conditioning and expectations


Session Types

Discovery Session 'Gift'


Sign up for a complimentary, 40 minute Discovery Session ‘Gift’ with me. I will gently guide and support you to connect with what truly inspires and delights you.  Together we will discern how to bridge the gap between where you are now to where you want to be. This is a great opportunity to get to know one another and learn what will work best for you. If you are interested in this session type, please contact me. 

Self-Empowerment Coaching


When you are new to my work, a 9-hour session package is recommended. You will be gently guided to break free of limitation and struggle through direct experiences and practical tools,  You will be supported to realize your dreams through inspired action – one step at a time. Sessions are offered in my home office, by Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom.  To make an appointment, please contact me.

Finding Meaning In Life


Discover your true purpose in life.  You will be encouraged to explore your intuition and possibilities for life so you can do exactly what your heart longs to do.. Through genetic profiling, experiential processes, and simple step-by-step tools, you will be supported to expand your awareness of who you really are, apart from cultural conditioning.

Together, we will find and release hidden pain, fear, and upset held within your body. With gentle guidance, you will learn the origins of your discomforts without revisiting the events that caused the suffering. Once the internal energy flow of the body is realigned, it will help you shift your life from surviving to thriving. Imagine how uplifted you will feel when you no longer neglect all of who you are?

To book an appointment, please contact me. 

Reset Your Life


Life happens to us all. It’s how we learn and grow. When life offers you challenges that leave you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted, ask for a ‘Reset’ session.  It’s designed to help you feel renewed, energized and inspired to embrace life fully again. A prerequisite for a ‘Reset’ session is that you have already completed a session package with me, so you understand the principles and base skills underlying my work. To book a session package, please contact me. 

Expected Results

  • Understand your challenges better and empower your strengths
  • Re-pattern limiting generational and cultural conditioning
  • Reduce drama, trauma, suffering and limitation in life situations
  • Greater acceptance, compassion and connection for yourself and others
  • Increased confidence to express your own unique gifts and talents
  • Inspired action plans towards meaningful personal goals
  • Gentle awakening to your unique Life Path and Soul's Purpose
  • Increased trust in your own inner wisdom and natural healing abilities
  • Take responsibility for loving yourself first: Deep breathing; Live water; Real food; Restful sleep; Daily exercise; Own your power, Time in nature; and Follow your Joy!