Glenda Hilsenteger - Embracing Possibility
Glenda Hilsenteger - Embracing Possibility

Radiating happiness – from the inside out, is what I truly want for all people. 


Radiating happiness – from the inside out, is what I truly want for all people. 


My innovative self-healing system helps people live life from 'inspired action’ instead of reaction. 

I offer sessions to help you:

  • Feel connected and loved in relationships
  • Empower your strengths so you can finally fly
  • Align yourself with meaningful successes - body, mind, and spirit

If you’re willing to ‘feel’ the power of your heart, living a happy life, feeling fulfilled is possible.

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Physical Well-Being


I came to Glenda feeling victimized, isolated, and powerless. My marital breakup was charged with frustration, resentment & debilitating anxiety. I feared for my safety, and my sanity. I knew I had to stabilize my inner self before I could step forward in my life. Glenda helped me have faith in myself. I now stand up for myself and make decisions. I gained self-confidence and self-respect. I feel supported by life, and my children are doing well. I’ve grown as a person; I trust myself and I’m so grateful. It feels amazing!

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Emotional Freedom


When I first went to see Glenda, I was struggling with relationships. I was feeling down about myself. I had difficulty finding balance in my life and setting boundaries. Thanks to Glenda, I’m more accepting of myself and others. I live my life in a more honest and joyful way. It’s been a freeing experience! Glenda gave me practical strategies for accessing the inner resources needed to deal with any life circumstance. I feel so fortunate to have met Glenda. Her approach was kind, loving and helpful. Best of all, my relationships have improved ten-fold!

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Mental Clarity


I’ve always struggled with decision making – from simple purchases to major life decisions. I was fearful of making the wrong choice. Even after making a choice, I would second guess and analyze it all over again. This created huge anxiety for me and it was interfering with my happiness. Glenda taught me practical strategies to connect to my own inner wisdom. I no longer question every decision I make. It’s easier for me to accept life as it happens. This is very liberating! I’m so much happier and more supportive of my young family. Trusting me has opened up many new doors for me. I have Glenda to thank for that.

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